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Josh Lind’s Top Drift Round 2 Recap Film

July 4, 2016

Our journey started off in Phoenix,Arizona loading Josh’s 240sx onto the trailer. (Shout out to Scott Yaucel for the usage!!) We had a 7 1/2 hour drive to our destination Willow Springs Raceway or more specifically Horse Thief Mile. A weekend of drifting was what we had set out before us. During this round we had lost a member of the team, Dalton of Elevens Paint and Fiber, but we had the style and spirit within Josh’s livery!

Friday was all driving – California traffic sucks if you didn’t know. Between hearing Zachary sleeping and eating chips we had a blast with some random Trivia. Watch the video all the way to get some of that! Leading into Round 2 Zack and I wanted to make sure not only did we capture the weekend but also threw a hand to josh with the car to make sure we didn’t have an early weekend. Making sure the car was 100% was what we missed during Round 1 and we were not going to make that mistake again. Each round we are getting better and better at preparing for camping. This round we had a small mishap with having a gas stove to cook on but sadly no pan to cook in…. It made for a fun time cooking hot dogs with nothing but some weird contraption.

Friday night saw us prepping the camp site. Josh made quick work of the alignment making sure everything was dialed in for the practice the next day. Saturday saw us rising early to the sounds of waking beasts. The drivers meeting was rather nonchalant with the drivers being told just to shake their cars down all day Saturday for practice with no real direction going into what was being judged on Sunday. Odi Bakchis, Matt Powers, and a few other old pro drivers were out as well as the Top Drift drivers. It made for an exciting practice day with some 6 car trains going down. Practice had a few hiccups with cars breaking and oil being dropped all over the track.

This dragged into Sunday as well with more oil being dropped on track. The track crew at Willow Springs is top notch and kept the track as clean as possible for the drives both days. Saturday was good for josh with practice until the last few sessions and the front bumper getting destroyed. No major damage to the car though – so going into Sunday we had a good feeling on how to tackle qualifying. Even before drivers meeting Sunday morning the team had discussed what we thought the judges were going be looking for during qualifying. Taka Aono was on hand as a judge as well with Ryan Literal.

Drivers meeting confirmed we had the correct plan set out on Saturday with Josh putting the car exactly where they wanted it when they went over the driving they wanted to see.

Josh qualified 15th and with that jumped him to 22nd overall after the event was said and done.
Josh’s Top 16 battle saw him in his first battle of the season. His lead run was solid but his opponent was on his door the whole run. Swapping places his opponent ran away from him on the the first judged corner initiation. Another event down and we are learning more and more each time.
Going into round 3 we have a solid game plan to make sure Josh has a chance to put up a good battle!

Article written by Phillip Spencer

Josh Lind’s Top Drift Round 2 Recap from Excessive Wear on Vimeo.

Shot and Edited by Phillip Spencer


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