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Desert Meihan ’17

December 31, 2017

The Track Society is made up of local OG Arizona drivers, who happen to also put on this event. It was a long time coming and we think it was just the event Arizona needed to amp everyone to want to make their cars look nice, but also test their driving skills. From what we heard, this event was just supposed to be a fun local event, they didn’t think much of it. Once the event was created, it wasn’t long before more than just local people drew interest. The Track Society decided to run with it, Desert Meihan was now recognized as an event people all over the US wanted to travel to and drive. The layout chosen for this event, which is what made it so special, was an exact 1:1 scale replica of Meihan Sportsland C Course.

Pre-Registration was allowed, but they hand picked each driver that you saw driving on track. Each driver met a few qualities they were looking for to obtain their goal to bring one of the best events Arizona had seen. Drivers ranged from Pro Formula Drift drivers all the way to drivers like Dustin Meyer who simply enjoy having a rad looking car to drift.

We have traveled to quite a few places all over the southwest and even all the way up to Oregon. We are confident enough to say this event was one of the best we have been to so far. Drivers drove extremely hard, the cars were all rad, and the crashes definitely didn’t disappoint. The overall vibe of this event was just something that couldn’t compare. The amount of carnage this event had, you would think people would be extremely upset – But everyone walked away with a smile on their face. As we were walking around the event all day, people were constantly talking about how comfortable they were getting along the wall and how they were going to push themselves more on their next session. This is what it’s all about. Having fun with your friends, pushing each other harder and harder, building cool cars that you can be proud of looking at, and always wanting to improve. And this event displayed just that.

We have quite a huge gallery from this event and even though it is large, we still may not have gotten your car. I found myself having fun at the event vs actually shooting often throughout the event. This event really sparked our team into wanting to shoot more. We all had fun and walked away with our faces completely covered in black from tire debris. Thank you to all of the staff, drivers, volunteers, other media, and anyone else who made this event possible. It’s a bit hard to put into words how amazing this event was as I am no professional writer, but it was a blast. When the event was over, there were a ton of posts from people wishing we were all going to wake up to Day 2 of Desert Meihan. It was like going to camp when you were younger and being extremely bummed on the last day when you knew it was over. If you missed it, hopefully this article convinces you to take off work and tell your wife or girlfriend dinner night can be rescheduled.

At the end of this post is a specific gallery of just aftermath photos from the pits at the end of the event.

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