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No Coast Drift Party 6

September 26, 2016

This wasn’t your average High School party. Well, maybe it kind of was.

This year Dan Brockett gathered people all around the U.S. to do some skids. This could be the very last No Coast Drift Party that anyone could go to as the track was going up for sale and would be under new ownership. With that being said, Dan made sure this was going to be the best NCDP yet. We met people all the way from South Dakota for this event.

We had arrived on Friday and by Saturday the mayhem known as NCDP started. Saturday began with a brief drivers meeting where Dan’s dog decided going #2 in the room was the best way to start the weekend off. Saturday started off with a bang – there were tons of drivers out on track right away, practicing for the Tandem Comp.

We were only a little ways into qualifying when this huge storm rolled in. It flooded the entire facility within minutes, but as you all know, this was No Coast, drifting didn’t stop.

Qualifying was over and the storm had rolled past. It was time for comp. We went into this thinking, this is just a bash, how competitive could it get? Well, we were wrong. Extremely wrong. The skill level of all the drivers made for a very entertaining competition. The battles were close, and OMT’s were said just to keep it going.

The comp ended up taking long enough where we had to push the Team Tandem Comp back to Sunday morning, when everyone decided to wake up from the depths of raw metal, fireworks, bon fires, alcohol, and David Karey putting hot dogs in peoples tents while they were asleep. Once everyone woke up on Sunday, Team Tandems started off, also with banging doors!

And then, NCDP was over late on Sunday…We had a blast and we couldn’t thank Dan Brockett enough for hosting such a fun Bash. We hope whoever the new owner will be, he continues letting us come to this track to have one of the best Drift Parties of the entire year. We have been twice and we always look forward to the next one once it’s over. Make sure you check back soon for our video also summarizing how our weekend went!

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No Coast Drift Party 6 Event Page

Here is our photo coverage of No Coast Drift Party 6 drift event from September 3rd and 4th of 2016. Please contact us via Facebook or email for any High Resolution shots, which can include removal of watermark as well for a specified price. Our Facebook is located at and our email is


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Coverage provided by Zachary Nazeck

Article written by Zachary Nazeck

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