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Vegas Drift ProAm Round 3

September 19, 2016

Vegas Drift ProAm Round 3 at P1 was exciting and epic. This track has never seen such abuse from drift cars in one single weekend alone. Two of the highest horsepower cars in qualifying were Matt Haugen with his V8 Genesis, and also Andy Hatley’s Monster BMW. The track had been freshly repaved and was ready for the abuse thanks to the excellent management at Musselman Honda Circuit. This track has always been a personal favorite to shoot at, and It was thrilling to watch the top 16 battles on such a small and technical track. Top 16 was a collection of some truly skilled drivers, and the track was primed for some of the most stylish drift machines to fight it out for the podium.

Tony Chard and Preston Watson started things off with a bang, dirt dropping and nailing clipping points. They were both pushing their limits and holding nothing back. Their second run ended with Preston meeting the tire wall on the back straight. Preston was able to continue the battle for an OMT call by the judges, with Tony Chard getting the win.

Bear Rzesnowiecky and Matt Haugen were matched up early on for a spectacular battle, with Bear making contact in turn one and then overtaking Haugen on the inside on the first rear clipping zone. Haugen kept his composure for the win against Rzenowiecky and moved on to match up against one of the lowest horsepower cars in the field, Seth Wright and his e36 BMW. Seth had beat Carlos Reyes to earn his spot against Haugen, and was facing a disadvantage with only a fraction of the Horsepower. Seth put down a solid lead run and maintained his line while giving chase. He continued grazing his clipping points and pushing his BMW as hard as possible, even despite the gap that Haugen was able to create on his lead run. Suspense was through the roof after two OMT’s and multiple tire changes for the Genesis. On Seths final lead run, he spun with a near miss granting Matt Haugen the victory.

Andrew Schulte and David Lloyd battled for OMT, with andrew moving on to face up against Blake Olsen. Blake won his first battle against Zach Messiner, but was taken out early possibly due to a mechanical failure, giving Andrew Schulte a clear shot at the podium. Haugen was able to make full use of his power on the straights with Schulte not far behind. The judges awarded Matt the win, and Andrew would go on to battle Mike Burns for the 3rd place spot. Burns had taken out Javier Martinez and George Kiriakopoulous to face off against Schulte and their tandems did not dissapoint. Shulte got up side by side with Burns in the lead position multiple times, and the judges awarded Andrew with his 3rd place spot and first ever podium win.

The final battle for first place between Andy Hatley and Matt Haugen filled the night sky with an ocean of smoke. These two drivers had mastered their line, and were able to put down the insane amount of power their cars contained on the straights. Matt was able to deliver a fantastic chase run, getting tucked against the side of Hatley’s BMW and pushing the gap on his lead run. Matt Haugen had the most impressive driving of the night and earned his 1st place spot.

This was a thrilling event for us to cover, and it was a treat to see this amount style and talent pushing the limits of their machines on Musselman Honda Circuit. We would like to thank everyone at Vegas Drift and the staff at Musselman Honda. Congratulations to the drivers and good luck at Round 4!

Southwest Drift Spirit Of The Streets from Excessive Wear on Vimeo.
Shot and Edited by Joey Plecas

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Vegas Drift Website
Vegas Drift Event Registration
2016 Southwest Drift Series Schedule

Here is our photo coverage of Vegas Drift ProAm Round 3 drift event from August 26th and 27th of 2016. Please contact us via Facebook or email for any High Resolution shots, which can include removal of watermark as well for a specified price. Our Facebook is located at and our email is


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Coverage provided by Trent Bridges

Article written by Joey Plecas

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