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The Spirit Of Drifting Is Alive at Musselman Honda Circuit

June 9, 2016

These photos were released a bit late. This article is going to be on June’s event and May’s event. We’re sorry for the late release for the photos!


In our opinion, P1(Musselman Honda Circuit) is still a good example on why you should still enjoy drifting and going to drift events. It isn’t blown up with just a ton of random people, but it’s rather kept as a safe and relaxing environment. Whenever you arrive there, it’s just a small facility that has a ton to offer. They have everything from pro kart racing to motorcycle racing. The track owner is still planning on expanding his facility to our knowledge, but he takes extremely good care of the entire facility. The tracks are always well maintained and that is due to a caring track owner.

Other than final bout and a select few other events around the country, it seems that priorities get a little mixed up in track driving these days. The bleachers are small and the view from the pits may require some binoculars, but don’t get us wrong, its pros outweigh its cons. In fact, you could say not being able to get up close and personal with the track is an inspiration to get your own ass out there and have some fun because that’s specifically why people come here. At P1 you simply don’t find a ton of people lurking over a fence with their cell phone trying to make a vape comparison Snapchat of themselves while cars are going by. There is almost no media of the events at all which is what makes it such a unique place. Not a single person comes here asking someone to take photos or videos of them. As a matter of fact, I went to this last one and didn’t take a single photo. That was due to other reasons, but regardless, I hung out with everyone and just had a good time. I didn’t have one person ask me, “Where are the photos at?”, as if I was expected to take photos for them. Instead, we all sat there laughing and having a fun time, talking about whatever came to mind. We talked about how awesome someone was driving that night, all the way to talking about going and hanging out at a local shop to BBQ some food. People in the pits often don’t even watch the driving because there are actually two types of parties going on. One is on the track and the other is the hilarious bullshitting that goes on that has nothing to do with drifting. No egos. No competition. 100% rock on.

You can literally show up there and introduce yourself to anyone and you will find yourself making a bunch of friends who enjoy the same kind drifting as you do. What happened to going to drift events, hanging out with a group of like minded people, watch your friends have fun, and look cool on the track while doing it? Not one person is there for the Internet Fame. They are there specifically for fun with their friends.  These are the exact reasons we enjoy coming out to Tucson for events. It’s never a dull time with everyone out there. The entire goal is to have fun, try to look cool while doing it, and have a good time with friends.

Useful Links

Musselman Honda Circuit Website
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Here is our photo coverage of Musselman Honda Circuit drift event from 5/7/2016. Please contact us via Facebook or email for any High Resolution shots, which can include removal of watermark as well for a specified price. Our Facebook is located at and our email is


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Coverage provided by Zachary Nazeck and Trent Bridges

Article written by Kelly Palfi and Zachary Nazeck

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