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Spring Bash Presented By Ambit Wheels

April 24, 2017

If there is one thing I’ve leavened from drift events, I never want them to go away… I only want them to stay. From when I’m packing the car up replaying different cars I had shot or close tandems I witnessed happening directly in front of me. Media has made me jaded to going to drift events, if I don’t have on track access, count me out. Well luckily for me the guys from DnD Performance Interior, Ambit Wheels, and Battle Aero invited Zachary and I out for a day of sunshine and tire smoke at Grange Motor Circuit for Spring Bash! With full access to the track and pits, on top of knowing most of the driving field from our previous visits to California we had an amazing time shooting.


Being such a relaxed event with no pressures of a real competition made such a relaxing environment not only for the drivers, but also us the media. Going into the 2017 season Excessive Wear is shifting gears a little bit with our coverage, last year we focused on the competition side of drifting – Following local driver Josh Lind to all 4 rounds of Top drift. This year we plan on scouring more of the west coast and heading a bit more north to see how those Pacific North-westerns shred!This shift comes all in light of our personal goals within drifting, which isn’t really to compete at a pro or even Pro-Am level, but to simply show up at a event with friends old and new, and drive till the wheels fall off.


This lends the question to you the reader why do you drift? If you are heading into the route of competition the road is hard, not impossible but if you think you can bolt a cage in and run with the big boys you will be quite wrong. It not only takes you getting the proper amount of seat time to have the confidence to drive at a Pro-am level, but you need some basics as well.
Best thing you can do is hit up a local driver taking part in these, see if you can accompany them and help be crew for their weekend of drifting, this will give you some helpful insights into what it can take to be successful. You will find that they are pouring 110% into their program, if anything less happens success won’t be the outcome. That 110% has to be applied in different forms of the program, the car has to be solid and easy to work on and fix if you have a 5 minute situation and need that small break to fix whatever has broken. Prep prior to an event can make or break, checking those alignment numbers to make sure there isn’t any issues with toe or something unseen and hard to pinpoint can make or break a qualifying run and keep you from seeing the big show.


Let’s say you do accompany someone for their weekend of competition you will hopefully see 110% come from their crew as well. If you don’t have that positive energy to help push and help you succeed then it will be hard to grow yourself as a driver. A lot of things go into a winning program – a solid car, good driving, plenty of support, and encouragement go along way as well.


If the above doesn’t sound like fun to you then grassroots events are more your liking and that’s ok! Plenty of people like to make a cool stylish car and just bang doors with the homies and that’s awesome! These events can be more compared to where drifting started in Japan. Does that mean we should hate Pro Drifting? Hell no. Like any sport, things evolve, cars transform from basic street cars to full blown stripped out and ready to go rocket ships. The sport gets faster, more competitive, and like anything it becomes about money for sponsors.

Useful Links

Event Page
Ambit Wheels Website
DnD Performance Interior Website
Battle Aero Website

Here is our photo coverage of Spring Bash drift event from April 15th, 2017. Please contact us via Facebook or email for any High Resolution shots, which can include removal of watermark as well for a specified price. Our Facebook is located at and our email is

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$55 for 6
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Coverage provided by Zachary Nazeck
Article written by Phillip Spencer

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