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Top Drift Round 1 2016 with Josh Lind

April 3, 2016

This past weekend The Top drift series kicked off with its first round in their ProAm Series for Formula Drift. Teams traveled to the Balcony course At Willow Springs International Raceway to partake in a weekend full of tire thrashing.

Starting our journey in Phoenix, AZ, Local driver Josh Lind has spent the last few months combing his 2JZ powered 240sx, getting it ready for Top drift. We started our journey to Willow Springs Friday morning. The journey was comprised of a motley crew – Josh Lind our driver, Dalton Bedore bringing the style of Elevens’ Paint and Fiber on our journey, Zachary Nazeck snapping those pictures making us all look flossy! With out further ado there is me, Phillip Spencer, I just had a camera and was on a mission to document everything. We left for California Friday at approximately 10am. The drive was riddled with conversations on all things drifting, life, politics, and everything under the rising sun.

We arrived to the track Friday night to unloaded the car, raise our tent, have a few drinks, and BS about how much fun this weekend is going to be. There was a handful of drivers already there unloading and setting up campsites. We ventured out after setting up camp to view what Top Drift has to offer. First thing on our to do list was to test out the music road built by Honda. We found it located off of Avenue C. We drove over it, but the chassis of a f150 is a little bit longer than the Civic that was used in their commercial. It didn’t sound quite like the song should. After that disappointment we headed to Walmart to buy supplies and prep for the next day.

Saturday we awoke to the sound of warming motors and teams busy preparing their cars for a full day of practice. Drivers meeting started off with a big welcome, and ensuring everyone knew their run group. Taka Aono was on hand with the course layout drawn on a white board. The course was laid out and the drivers meeting finished off with a group photo to start off the 2016 season of Top Drift by JUST DRIFT.

Practice ran smoothly as the drivers learned the sections of the course. Obviously this is a drift event, some cars broke, but being that it was Saturday, you had plenty of time to get some wrenching done to get it ready for the next day. Practice went good for Josh. The car was looking as stylish as ever with graphics and paint provided by Elevens’ Paint and Fiber, located in Phoenix, AZ. Sunday saw the start of practice in the morning leading into qualifying. Josh went out for qualifying to make his 2 runs. All weekend he was looking very solid, but with 2 days of driving makes for new challenges. The Toe arm on the driver side had come loose from hitting the subframe collar, causing his rear toe to go far out of alignment.
Run one saw a spin into the dirt on the first corner. He had one more chance to lay a solid run down to push himself into the Top 16. Second run saw a better run, but not enough to make it into the Top 16. This was definitely a learning curve for our team as we head into Round 2 with much more awareness as all of our minds just weren’t where they should of been. We stuck around for the rest of the event and saw the little Corolla battle with a lot of higher horsepower cars. He was able to squeeze into the Top 3 with extremely impressive runs. We took away a lot from the event experience to expand upon. One being everyone loved Josh’s car! So many people would just stop and stare, or a group would gather and they would discuss the car with Josh. It was truly astonishing to see everyone’s expression towards a more street styled car in a very competitive atmosphere.

Wrapping up our weekend we find ourselves driving back to Phoenix with a clear plan for Round 2. Roughly 2 months between the first and second round is plenty of time to get the car 100% and ready for battle. Next round is on Horse Thief Mile and Excessive Wear will be there to capture all of the action!

Here is our photo coverage of Top Drift Round 1. Please contact us via Facebook or email for any High Resolution shots, which can include removal of watermark as well for a specified price. Our Facebook is located at and our email is


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Coverage provided by Zachary Nazeck

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