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Top Drift Round 2

July 1, 2016

Top Drift Round 2 was quite the round, it had a completely different vibe to it. Top Drift Rounds consist of two days. Day One is all practice and the next day has practice in the mornings, qualifying, and then competition throughout the day.

Round 2 took place at Willow Springs Raceway on Horse Thief Mile. This track, as far as we were told, was built specifically for drifting. This track is located on the side of a mountain at Willow Springs – I’m sure you can only imagine how awesome it is to drift through elevation changes, banks, and drifting on a straight going uphill. Nonetheless, HTM can be an extremely dangerous track to drive on. There is the possibility of flying off of a bank along with trenches dug on the edge of the track from tire dropping. We can’t say HTM is the most maintained track out there, but it is one of the most exciting tracks to drive on.

Image Provided by Willow Springs Raceway

This weekend caused to be a serious issue for some drivers. All the way from breaking knuckles, leaking oil all over the track, and wheels with a full hub connected to them escaping down the mountain. However, this round proved to be a blast for most of the drivers. All day on Saturday it seemed as though people were driving for complete fun and to get used to the track. There were numerous tandems of 3 or more cars and people trying different initiations. It reminded us why competitive drifting can be fun, but serious at the same time. You can have fun during practice, test things out, get used to a track, tandem with friends, and prepare for qualifying. Round 2 weekend was all about just that.

Sunday headed in to begin with a couple of hours of more serious practice just before qualifying. Just observing you could tell the vibe, driving styles, and lines were a bit different heading into Sunday’s qualifying. Our driver Josh Lind, along with several other drivers looked extremely well.

Once the competition started after qualifying, it was even more of a blast. We over heard in the drivers meeting that they were going to be releasing the cars 1 turn before the first judged turn and that they were not going to be having them try to stay as close as possible before initiating into turn one. This made things quite exciting from a spectators stand point, but was difficult for some of the drivers. We saw that if you do not stay extremely close to the lead driver upon initiation, your chances of catching them throughout the track weren’t as likely without messing up your line. This was actually a large reason our driver Josh lost on his first battle. He let the lead driver get too far away and couldn’t gain enough ground before it was too late.

We’re extremely excited to see what Round 3 has in store for us as we head back to Willow Springs on an oval figure 8 track. We can’t thank Just Drift enough for having us out this season!

Useful Links

Just Drift Website Website
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Here is our photo coverage of Top Drift Round 2 drift event from May 28th and 29th of 2016. Please contact us via Facebook or email for any High Resolution shots, which can include removal of watermark as well for a specified price. Our Facebook is located at and our email is


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Coverage provided by Zachary Nazeck

Article written by Zachary Nazeck

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