Protected: Nikko Circuit (November 11, 2019 1:30 pm)
Final Bout Gallery (August 27, 2019 5:57 am)
The Gappening – Cash Grudge Racing (May 6, 2019 5:35 am)
Act of Speed Arizona – Phoenix 2019 (March 4, 2019 5:00 am)
MHC Showdown (February 27, 2019 4:00 pm)
2019 UMS Time Attack Season Dyno Day (February 13, 2019 3:32 pm)
Desert Meihan 2 (January 23, 2019 2:37 am)
Southwest Drift Series Round 3 `18 (December 30, 2018 2:25 pm)
MHC Invitational 2 (November 2, 2018 2:29 am)
NASA 8/25 (October 4, 2018 4:57 pm)

Vegas Drift/IFO Weekend Adventure

May 19, 2016

Vegas Drift/IFO preparation all started when our good friend Joshua Beach offered to take me(Zachary Nazeck) to Import Face-Off Vegas. At the time I had zero idea that Vegas Drift Round 1 was going to be re-scheduled to IFO Vegas. Josh and I were stoked to be going to Vegas, anyways. As days went by, the adventure slowly increased in excitement. A club called Team Hybrid asked Josh just before the event if he would like to join their club. He told them yes, and that’s when this trip became more than just a regular voyage to Vegas for Import Face-Off. Him and his club tossed ideas back and forth, they decided to rent an extremely large house in Vegas for everyone to stay in.

Once the plans were arranged, I found out that Vegas Drift was planning on hosting their event the same day and at the same location as IFO. I couldn’t have been more thrilled to be able to attend Round 1 of the Southwest Drift Series!

On the way to Vegas with our friends Johnny, Martin, Josh, and myself, Johnny’s Kodiak had a few issues along the way. His truck was finished just a week prior to us departing from Phoenix, he called it, “The trial and error”. Luckily, we were able to figure out its issues as we made our way through Arizona and into Nevada. Once we arrived in Vegas, we checked the weather and we were due for rain potentially all weekend.

We arrived at the house that we were renting for the weekend just before nightfall. This house included, 8 bedrooms, 5 bathrooms, 10 beds, and a wide screen TV in each room. Outside, a heated pool, a beautiful gas fire place, 2 RV Gates, a volleyball court, and even more! Needless to say, this house was beyond large enough to have a blast in Vegas!

The rain had finally moved in that night and the temps dropped enough to turn the fireplace on and put on our jackets. We enjoyed our night meeting and greeting new people arriving to the house.

On Saturday, everyone awoke and they began washing and detailing their cars for the next days big show, along with preparing for a meeting with the club that night. We had all of Team Hybrid that was participating for Import Face-Off gather where we were staying. They had a fantastic meeting about what has been going on in the club, what to expect for Sunday, trivia with prizes, new member introductions, etc. I had never been to a club gathering before, but it was as if everyone was one huge family and they had known each other for years beyond years. Before the serious business had started, there was a small party going on for the pregame before Sunday. Everyone was amped and ready for tomorrow!

Sunday, the big day had arrived. Vegas Drift was hosting Round 1 of the Southwest Drift Series and Import Face-Off was hosting their country wide Car Show and Drag Racing event. Team hybrid and myself arrived at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The skies had cleared and everyone was ready for a fantastic event! There were hundreds of participants for Drifting, Drag Racing, the Car Show, and Spectators. It was a bit overwhelming with the attendance of this event. As Team Hybrid was checking everyone in and setting up for the show, I went over to the drifting portion of the event where I met up with Charles Siritho, Bryan Young, Griffin Bode, Paco Ibarra, Andrew Schulte, Austin Kregle, Matt Haugen, Carlos Reyes, and friends. Charles, Bryan, Griffin, and Paco each had a role to play this event. Charles was covering Andrew’s Round 1 journey for the Southwest Drift Series through his lens. Paco, Griffin, and Bryan had the roles of spotting for Andrew and Austin to help push and guide them into and through qualifying for Round 1.

As Round 1 practice started, drivers discovered Vegas Drift had changed up the course a bit. They added a few extra turns before the second clipping point to raise the difficulty of the course. There were quite a few drivers struggling with pointing their car in the right direction after those turns going into the 2nd clipping point. However, all of our Arizona drivers looked extremely promising in practice.

Our day continued and it was time for qualifying. Andrew and Austin’s spotters had done more than a fantastic job trying to prepare their drivers for qualifying. Unfortunately, Austin and Carlos struggled in qualifying which led to the ending for their Journey. However, the journey had just started for Andrew who qualified in 16th place and Matt taking 10th.

Andrew was going up against the #1 qualifier, Adamn Knapik. Andrew was knocked out after giving his chase and lead run. Andrew gave it his best effort, but Knapik remained looking strong going into Competition.

Matt went up against Mark Sanchez who placed 7th in Qualifying. Mark Sanchez took the win, ending the journey for our Arizona Drivers going into Round 1.

Everyone was packing up to head home back to Arizona.

I headed back to the car show to find that Joshua Beach won his first trophy in Vegas. He took home 2nd place for “Best Infiniti”, at Import Face-Off Vegas. I was extremely proud for him as I watched him build his M35 from day one when he bought the car. It was completely stock and he has done majority of the work to his car by himself in what he calls, ‘Dumps Garage’. Ironically, our friend Johnny had entered in his Chevy Kodiak for fun and picked up a trophy for “Best Domestic”. I spoke with him earlier on in the trip about his truck and one of the main things that stood out to me, was that he completely cut his frame to shorten the rear end for a smaller and more attractive bed. He had to move everything under the bed forwards quite a few feet. In my opinion, it was a trophy well deserved! Team Hybrid in the end took home “The Best and Biggest Club” along with “Most Highest Quality Cars” at Import Face-Off Vegas.

Needless to say, our adventurous weekend in Vegas was one hell of a weekend for everyone. There were great times had with new people and familiar faces. I was very fortunate to be invited by Joshua Beach on this awesome trip to Vegas and I couldn’t be more appreciative.

We wish all of our Arizona drivers the best of luck as they head into Round 2 of the Southwest Drift Series that is taking place in Denver Colorado at the Colorado National Speedway!


Useful Links

Import Face-Off Website
Import Face-Off Tickets
Vegas Drift Website
Vegas Drift Event Registration
2016 Southwest Drift Series Schedule

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